Take a culinary tour of America and the World. Enjoy adventures in a new locale, taste the local food of the region, and share the experience with your friends.

Start with our Weekend 4 Foodies packages and gather friends & family for a weekend culinary Adventure in the American city of your choice (weekend trips or weekday trips). Eat the food, enjoy the lifestyle, and get to know the people through their traditions.

Want More? Take a Foodies at Sea culinary cruise. Enjoy fine dining at sea with great ports of call and the opportunity for a Gourmet Chef dinner.

Prefer the Land? Then try one of our unique Foodies on Land packages and experience your destination through its food—one bite at a time. Savor old and romantic Europe, passionate Latin America, and the exotic far East and Africa. New World and Old World food will sum up cultures & traditions. You will learn what is precious & tasty in these far-off home towns.

Travel, Eat, Learn! We’ve been there & done that. Find out about us - Patrick Barney and Susan “Sam” Shockley and introduce yourself. Read our blog, sign up for our newsletter, and let’s share a glass. We’re looking forward to it.